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Delivery of gas

Lisana Commerce ltd is a company engaged in the delivery of gas cylinders for households in the city of Split, Kastela, Solin and Trogir. Our delivery couriers who perform adequately trained to handle the gas cylinders, in order to provide the highest possible security.

Order CONTACT PHONE: 021 238 200 or mobile: 091 514 9714

Deliveries will be accepted from Monday to Saturday 08:00 to 15:00 h. All deliveries are received within the working time will be delivered the same day within an hour or by appointment.



First Always keep the bottle upright with the valve closed
Second Accommodation bottles must be equal to or higher than the surrounding surface, do not use and keep the bottle with gas in areas lower than the surrounding terrain (cellars, staircases)
3rd Do not expose to heat sources, gas bottle, or at temperatures above 40 ° C (the sun, fire, etc.)
4th A place where the bottle is stored must be regularly ventilated
5th Use only acceptable materials and provides consumers
6th At each replacement gas cylinders to replace the existing gasket on coupling nut (union), and check the correctness of rubber tubing
7th After the use of gas to the consumers, be sure to close the cylinder valve
8th Do not connect the bottle to the consumer without a pressure regulator
9th Equipment is needed to regularly check the
10th Repairs of gas appliances must entrust authorized service
11th When replacing the bottle is strictly prohibited smoking and open flames approach
12th Do not use special-purpose bottles labeled TF on the body of the bottle (liquid phase)
13th Follow the manufacturer of gas appliances
14th Keep the gas bottle out of the reach of children

Consumers can be absolutely carefree and have confidence regarding the maintenance of gas cylinders. We also offer regulators and hoses.