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Take into account that consmption of LPG is approximately 10-20% higher then gasoline consumption. These is mostly because of low quality LPG. Saveing lies in the fact that for now , despite the higher consumption we have been spending 50% less than for the gasoline.


Because of its characteristics LPG has postive impact on engine:
Quieter and calmer engine operation
engine life is inncreased by about 35%
complete gas-air mixture combustion in the engine cylinders doesnot lead to fuel loss in the exhaoust gases
longer durability of the oil in engine (it retains owen characteristics for longer time because it doesent decompose with gasoline
it does not allowe corrosion appearing which is the result of aditives presence that are added to gasoline to improve its characteristics
catalyst and lambda sonde life is doubled
cleaner exhoaut provided that gas instalation built into in authorised servis station which has all equipment to adjust the engine using computer that has the possibility of harmonising gas and gasoline


Due to it is characteristics LPG is fuel which is the leaast dangerous for the enviroment. Vheicles driven by LPG compared to diesel engine do not emit smoke, solid particulates and sulphur oxides. Compared to gasoline engine they do not emit lead, produce less carbon dioxide, unsubstanable hydrocarbons.


With certainty we can say that a vehicle high quality buillt in Lpg instalation is safer than many people belive.
Hw (Da je rezervar bomba u vozilu što je potpuno suprotno jer još nikad nije nigdje objavljeno da je vozilo na plin stradalo ili da je boca ispustila plin.)
Ukoliko je oprema nabavljena od provjerenog isporucitelja i montirana ispravno. To potvrduje slucaj za vrijeme domovinskog rata u momentu teroristickog napada automobilom - bombom. U Rijeci, automobil koji je imao plinski pogon, u eksplozij je vozilo razneseno na komade, a spremnik plina je ostao citav i plin nije iscurio. Hw


Filling up your car with LPG gives important benefits because LPG is 50% cheaper
For those who spend a lot of time in their cars thats a great saving.

What can we say about the safety of LPG reservoirs? Što možemo reći o sigurnosti rezervara za ukapljeni naftni plin?! Evry reservoir must have its certificate and with serial and approval number.
Evry reservoir is valid ten years fom the date of manufacture.